Monday, July 16, 2012

Are we ready for +TurboGears 2.2.0?

It's time to ask that most dreaded and anticipated of questions: Are we ready to release 2.2.0?

We've pushed out out second release candidate. We've had it available for testing. Only one flaw has been found, and that can be integrated into the release easily (and since it's a security flaw, it will be).

What say you, the community? Are you satisfied with what will be released if we were to release right now? I'd like to make the release official, and happen on Thursday, so speak before then!

Note that if you reshare this, please block comments. Make people reply to this post, so that we can be sure we'll see any replies in a timely fashion.

Thank you!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Custom Renderers with Dynamic Content on TurboGears

One of the most common questions we get on the TurboGears mailing lists is actually a group of questions:
  • How do I make a controller return a customized PDF?
  • How do I display a custom graphic to a user?
  • How do I return an Excel spreadsheet?
This all boils down to the same question: How do I generate dynamic content that is tailored for the user and is returned in a non-HTML format? While I won't answer for each format (because of the fact that every format gets built differently), I will show you how to tell TurboGears about the format you want to send to the user.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Social Networks Replacing Forums

Okay, so I asked this a couple days ago, but I think I'm starting to see ideas. I may be crazy, but I can start to see these ideas come together. Especially if the social network is more of a platform than it is just a stream.