Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Request For Ideas for Hiring Pond

So, a favor to ask of people: I'm working on a web application to help people manage their resumes. As I've gotten further in, I've realized I don't have an actual todo list for it. So, since I'm making this to be used by others, I'll ask everybody here:

What would you want to see? Currently, I've added enough code to allow the program to output something very close to my online resume ( http://www.icelus.org/ ). Next up, I have the following features on my todo list already:

  • add docutils to output strings where appropriate (everywhere?)
  • add login
  • add ability to edit own resume
  • add ability to compile new custom resumes
  • add ability to output PDF
  • add ability to output ODT
  • add ability to output DOC
  • add generic logo
  • add generic photo / head (shadow) shot
  • add ability to login using Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc
  • add ability to send resumes directly from Hiring Pond
  • add ability to track where resumes have gone
  • add ability to track job hunt progress
  • add ability to display current employment status (employed, unemployed, contracting)
  • add ability to display current employment seeking status (not at all, active, passive)
  • add logo to qrcode
  • change colors of qrcode
  • change color scheme for all of hiring pond to sunset and water
  • add fisherman silhouette as hiring pond logo

What else would you all want to see in order to make you want to use this?

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