Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Request For Ideas for Hiring Pond

So, a favor to ask of people: I'm working on a web application to help people manage their resumes. As I've gotten further in, I've realized I don't have an actual todo list for it. So, since I'm making this to be used by others, I'll ask everybody here:

What would you want to see? Currently, I've added enough code to allow the program to output something very close to my online resume ( http://www.icelus.org/ ). Next up, I have the following features on my todo list already:

  • add docutils to output strings where appropriate (everywhere?)
  • add login
  • add ability to edit own resume
  • add ability to compile new custom resumes
  • add ability to output PDF
  • add ability to output ODT
  • add ability to output DOC
  • add generic logo
  • add generic photo / head (shadow) shot
  • add ability to login using Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc
  • add ability to send resumes directly from Hiring Pond
  • add ability to track where resumes have gone
  • add ability to track job hunt progress
  • add ability to display current employment status (employed, unemployed, contracting)
  • add ability to display current employment seeking status (not at all, active, passive)
  • add logo to qrcode
  • change colors of qrcode
  • change color scheme for all of hiring pond to sunset and water
  • add fisherman silhouette as hiring pond logo

What else would you all want to see in order to make you want to use this?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

"What Do You Do, Anyway?"

I get asked this quite a lot. What do I do? What value do I bring to a company? When asked, my answer is frequently "The impossible." I say this with a smile, and then explain "I do the stuff that everybody else says is too hard to do, can't be done, etc." and then go on to list some examples. If you want to see them, go check out my resume, and look at the projects at the bottom.

This answer, though, is very unsatisfying. It sounds like I'm bragging. It sounds like I'm saying I'm better than everybody else. It sounds, well ... it sounds arrogant. Since I'm on the job hunt now, I really shouldn't say this, but it needs to be said: I'm not that great, nor am I that special. I'm just a guy who happens to be passionate about his career, and doesn't shy away from some aspect simply because it doesn't fit with what I normally do.

This results in me doing such a variety of things that simply calling me by any one label is quite unrealistic.