Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Announcement: TurboGears2 2.1.3 Released!

We are pleased to announce the latest release of TurboGears, 2.1.3!

This release adds support for the Mongo object database and the Ming ORM for it, in addition to bringing in some small bugfixes. The full changelog is below

The number of changes is, admittedly, small, but don't underestimate the importance: NoSQL databases are an important tool for the web, and adding the support for Mongo brings TurboGears into the group of frameworks that not only supports it, but supports it well.

We're already looking forward to expanding support and closing even more issues for 2.1.4, so we'll see you next month for that release!

* Added support for MongoDB into the quickstart template
* Added lurl (lazy_url) support for late evaluation
* Adding tests module back into source distribution. Solves ticket 115
* Template caching is now manageable by TG applications
* Clean up output for flash() in default quickstart
* Performance enhancements
* Fixed missing dependencies in TG quickstart on Python 2.4

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