Saturday, June 4, 2011

Announcing TurboGears 2.0.4

We are pleased to announce the latest release in the 2.0 series, TurboGears 2.0.4.

This is a maintenance/bugfix release for the 2.0 series. The full changelog is below.

Note that, unless security issues are found, this will be the final release of the 2.0.x line. As 2.1 is fully backwards compatible, and release of 2.1.1 is imminent, we strongly encourage everybody to upgrade as soon as possible.

We look forward to continuing to serve the community with quality code, and we look forward to your continued support!

The following changes were added for 2.0.4:
  • Python 2.4 compatibility was fixed.
  • Nested RestControllers had a bug preventing the proper
  • resolution of the "delete" method. This has been fixed.
  • When all @expose'd methods of a controller had a
  • CUSTOM_CONTENT_TYPE, a 404 would be returned. This has been fixed.
  • Problem existed with getting tuples into controllers. Patch from
  • bug 37 applied to fix this.
  • Brought the current TG2 private PyPI current. Getting installation
  • to work is now as easy as "easy_install TurboGears2==2.0.4"
  • Got automated testing working consistently.
  • Added tests for mixing positional args, keyword args, and pagination
  • dependency_links is now in place to make it easier to get the initial
  • setup done
  • Several other smaller bugs were fixed.

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