Monday, August 9, 2010

Steal This Idea: Writer's Tools for Web and Android

Okay, yes, I have an Android phone, and I like it quite a bit. This idea would allow a story author to maintain notes on the phone/tablet and synchronize them with a web site. More than that, though, it would include features to help writers keep their ideas organized. A good example of what I have in mind is something like the Writer's Cafe, but written for the web and Android, instead of being only a local app. Even though Writer's Cafe is very good (and it really is) being only a local app does make it harder to use than I would want it to be, personally. It also doesn't support all of the things I would want to see supported, which (in particular) includes the support of audio and video notes/clips. Using Android and Web should make these items considerably easier.


sickofthesea said...

What about evernote?



Michael Pedersen said...

I'd heard of it, but never given it a chance.

So far, even though it looks wonderful, I've had some less than perfect experiences. For instance, every time I login to the web interface, the body area displays a Java null pointer error.

I'm still giving it a try, but I'm not sure I'll go premium at this point.

Michael Pedersen said...

After trying out Evernote, I'm distinctly disappointed. It seems like it has amazing potential, but, for me, most of the functionality is broken.

Have tried out Springpad, and am loving it enough that I'm starting to move my stuff into it.

Definitely enjoying it so far.