Thursday, July 15, 2010

Steal This Idea: White Board

I want a simple whiteboard. The problem with most paint applications of any sort is that they attempt to grow into something truly grandiose. The problem for me is that, sometimes, I need something that is extremely simple, and a whiteboard is about as simple as it gets. Using a real world one, I can pick a marker color, or an eraser. That's it. I want a virtual one that provides me just as simple a set of options. I want it on the web, I want it on the local desktop, and I want it as an Android application. The only add-in features should be an ability to change the background color, maybe some sort of lines (like ruled paper, or grid paper, or hexagons), and some way to save and search for them. Anything more than that, and it becomes way too complicated for rapid fire drawing of an idea, and that is where the whiteboard will always win.

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Roger said...

Me too. However I'd also want simple ways of drawing rectangles, circles, connecting lines, etc. And best of all would be if a hardware manufacturer would make a big ol' LCD touchscreen you could run the whiteboard on, so you could do remote conferencing that would actually be useful ... audio + talking heads just isn't enough!