Saturday, July 10, 2010

Steal This Idea: RPG Assistant

This is just the first post of many I will make like this. I've long had in mind an RPG Assistant. It should allow storage of all the information about a given campaign world, including maps, creatures, characters, plot hooks, current events, everything. It should be platform agnostic (using something like wxWidgets, wxPython, Qt, Python-Qt, whatever, and you will maintain easy cross-platform compatibility with Windows, Linux, and Mac). A really nice addition to it would be to have an Android version compatible with the other versions. It should also be game system agnostic, so that any version of D&D can be put in, along with GURPS, TMNT, Rifts, Torg, Fudge, etc. I hope to be able to write it up someday, I really do. But, if not, I'll just be happy seeing it actually happen.


Kevin H said...

I've tried something like this a number of times, and while a purpose-built app would be really neat, in the meantime, I've just been putting all that stuff in a Sphinx project.

Michael Pedersen said...

For now, that's similar to what I'll be doing. I'll be using orgmode, though, I think, which seems to be possibly a bit better suited. <-- a major mode for emacs that can do quite a bit. It's not perfect, though. Not by a long shot.