Monday, July 19, 2010

Steal This Idea: CarPC with Android and DLNA

Lots of folks have their own Car PC built and doing things already. This, though, is slightly different. Use an Android tablet as the base. Give it some extra storage somehow, so it can hold videos, music, and the like. Hook it up so that it can read OBDII from the car. If the tablet can handle its own internet connection via a SIM card or some such, do so, or else have it use a tethered phone of some sort for on the road. Hook the tablet into environmental controls for the car. Do some hardware hacking with antennas, and make it so that the tablet can positively identify the location of all phones in the car. allowing people to customize their environment as much as possible. Ensure DLNA support, and get DLNA support on all the phones (Android, iPhone, etc) to allow people to share their media wirelessly with the main tablet and with each other.

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