Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Announcing tgext.xmlrpc v0.8

This is an important update, and also one that is 100% backwards compatible.

This update allows you to have nice Python method signatures, as opposed to the hacky "*p, **kw" trick that v0.6 required on all methods.

To clarify, an example. v0.6 code required this:

class MyXmlRpc(XmlRpcController):
    @xmlrpc([['int', 'int', 'int']])
    def sumthem(self, *p):
        return p[0] + p[1]

v0.8 finally corrects this ugliness. This now works:

class MyXmlRpc(XmlRpcController):
    @xmlrpc([['int', 'int', 'int']])
    def sumthem(self, i1, i2):
        return i1+i2

Note that any code written for v0.6 will work just fine with v0.8. This is a purely cosmetic change, though a welcome one, I think.

It is available via PyPI and BitBucket (with documentation also on BitBucket).

Note that I did not forget to finish my Amazon EC2 benchmarking series. The next post in the series has been bugging me. I might not be William Shakespeare, but I do have some standards for my writing, and I've not been able to write up anything decent yet. I think I've finally figured out why I hated what I was writing, so will finish that series this week.

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