Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Announcing Availability of tgext.menu, v0.2

Long story cut short: I've not been moving on Bit Vizier as fast as I wanted for a number of reasons. One of them is the pain that is managing the navigation bar from a development perspective. If I want to move things around, I have to update my controllers and my navigation bar template. If I need to rename something, I have to do the same. If I want to add a feature, I have to do the same. The navigation bar, the side bar, and any other menus are all easily determined from the code. Why do I have to maintain a separate template?

With tgext.menu, I don't have to do so anymore. Instead of having a separate template, I simply have to provide a list of the menu entries, and the rest just happens. It makes dealing with things much easier.

tgext.menu is available on the Python Package Index (for use with easy_install), and also on bitbucket.org (to get the source code).

I'll apologize now for the shortness of this post. I'm still recovering from ear surgery, so mildly unavailable, but didn't want to hold this back any longer.

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