Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Updates On The TurboGears Doc Sprint

These are some pretty minor updates, but I want to take a few minutes to convey these pieces to everybody.

I've already done the triage, and categorized everything into Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty. Difficulty, in this case, is rated as time it is expected to take a person to finish.

Easy should be less than 15 minutes (37 items), Medium should be less than an hour (140 items), and Hard is a completely unknown time (15 items).

Check out the todo list, updated daily, and decide what you would most like to accomplish.

I'd especially ask people to focus on the medium difficulty items. We've got too many of them, and I would really like to see those go way down. Perfection would be that all of these items get closed during the sprint. Reality will be far from that, though, and I'd be thrilled to see 30 of those medium items gone.

The current plan is this: I'll begin working come Friday night (Sept 25), around 10pm Eastern, on closing up some of those items. I'll be active on IRC (channel: #turbogears, nick: mpedersen) until I fall over, ready to coordinate updates from everybody. The "in progress" docs will be updated every 15 minutes.

When you want to work on an item (or items), update the "claimed todo list" wiki page. Once your name is attached, update the file(s), send me a pull request, and I'll update the docs. Easy enough, I hope :)

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