Monday, September 21, 2009

TurboGears Doc Sprint

One item I've not spoken about before now (mainly because I've not had the time, the blog is still new) is that I use TurboGears, and enjoy it. It makes web development into something that is actually a pleasant task.

I'm working on the documentation for the next release, and we have a lot to do. As of last count, 194 items on our todo list, ranging from defining terms all the way up to writing a whole new tutorial from scratch about something new that's going into the next release.

As such, we need help to get the list done. This weekend, Sept 25 through Sept 27, we are holding a doc sprint. We're gathering up everybody we can to make these todo items go away.

Stop by on IRC, check out the current docs, check out the steps for getting everything set up (which gets rid of every warning, even) and lend a hand. We could use every extra paragraph!

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